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The High Desert Predator Callers Membership Application

Chapter 1 of the California Varmint
Callers Association, Inc.
City:______________________________ State:__________ Zip Code:_______________
Home Phone:_______________________ Work Phone:____________________________
E-Mail Address:_____________________ Date of Birth:_________________ Age:_____
Where did you hear about the club:?_____________________________________________
What other sporting organizations do you belong to:?_______________________________
Are you a member of the NRA or another, like organization?_________________________
Do you have any predator calling experience:?_____________________________________
If "yes" how long:?________
What type of rifle and caliber do you use for predator calling:?_______________________
What type of work do you do?_____________________________
I understand that the High Desert Predator Callers board of directors may remove any person from membership who they feel acts in a manner they find unethical or detrimental towards our predator hunting heritage.
Signature:____________________________ Date:________
Board Approval: Yes:___ No:___

New member dues $65. Renewal of annual membership $50. Please make your check payable to: The High Desert Predator Callers. Send to: The High Desert Predator Callers, 17666 Main St., Hesperia CA 92345