High Desert Predator Callers


Meeting dates, location and other membership information.

For meeting dates and location email The High Desert Predator Callers

Hello fellow varmint hunters;
This page was created for you. It will help you get information about membership requirements and the location of the meeting place for The High Desert Predator Callers. Our meetings are held in the Victorville area, usually at a restaurant.

The High Desert Predator Callers has their meeting on the last Saturday of every month (usually). Sometimes holidays will conflict with this. Contact us to get the location, date and time of our next meeting. Attending a meeting is a requirement for membership.

Membership dues are $50 for the first year and $40 per year thereafter. Other chapters have charged in excess of $100 for membership so HDPC is relatively inexpensive. You can easily spend more on gas for just one varmint hunt.

After you attend a meeting, and are voted into the club, we will make it a point to take new members on their first few hunts. We feel it is important to get new members started on their first hunts. Usually, and after the new member gets familiar with the other varmint hunters in the club, they may desire to hunt with other members in the club. That is OK and encouraged, as you can always learn different things from different people. This is what we are all about. Varmint hunters getting together with other varmint hunters in order to hunt predators. Except for maybe a few "super secret" spots that everybody knows about anyway, the High Desert Membership does not hold back in educating and revealing the best hunting techniques or locations in the Southwestern US.

The California Varmint Callers maintains a policy of not scheduling or conducting predator hunts from March through June. High Desert does likewise. It is legal to hunt the coyote during these months, but as we all would like to see very good hunting in the future it is discouraged for you to do so. The coyote is in its denning season during these months and one shot from your rifle could take out a bitch carrying up to six pups - that's six less for you when the season opens.

If you are interested in joining and going on some exciting varmint hunts then don't hesitate to contact us.