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                                          The California Predators Club                  

Welcome varmint hunters;
This page will give you get information about membership requirements and the location of the meeting place for The California Predators Club.

Hello fellow predator / varmint hunters from the California Predators Club.

The California Predators Club is relatively new and still quite small. We currently have 24 members ranging in ages from 7 to 60. Our experience as you can expect is from the basic novice to the well educated hunter and caller. We have members who actively hunt almost weekly to those that get out once or twice a year. Most of our membership is based in and around the Sacramento area. We have several members in the Bay Area and so far one in Nevada. The area we hunt extends from the coast to the high deserts in Nevada.

We are still getting our feet wet as an organization, but we have the talent to make this a really good predator calling and varmint hunting club. As far as we know, the California Predators Club is the only organized club of it's kind in the area. As you can tell by the website, Southern California has several organizations and we are pleased that they have included us in this website.

We are hoping to have frequent organized varmint hunts, for predator as well as other vermin, along with some campouts and competitive events such as a bench rest shoot, a night target shoot and a pistol shoot.

We appreciate your interest and hope you will come along and check us out. We can offer you the opportunity to hunt with some experienced predator hunters that can teach you some of the finer points of this sport.

Our meetings are usually held on the 2nd Friday of each month at a Round Table Pizza in Folsom. The address is 9500-1 Greenback Lane, Folsom, CA (916) 989-1133.

The full membership annual dues are $25. We also offer a family membership of $35.

If you're interested in attending our meeting or would like further information, please email me at [email protected] . Looking forward to hearing from you.



President: The California Predators Club
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