Mountain lion

The mountain lion is also known as the puma or cougar. It ranges from Canada down to south America. They prefer the mountainous regions like those of the western United States. As with most cats, they are excellent climbers and jumpers. It is a wary and stealthy animal with few people ever having seen one in the wild. They may grow to weight 200lbs and measure slightly more than six feet in length. It’s fur is a golden brown to tan in color with a lighter colored underside. The mountain lion is a nocturnal animal and thus active mostly at night and the early morning hours.

The animal is estimated to number around 20,000 head in California alone. A limited and scientifically determined hunt of a few hundred animals per year would be perfectly safe. Unfortunately, when this was proposed in California, a New York based animal rights group initiated a massive multi-million dollar propaganda campaign designed to convince the California voter that this animal is endangered and in need of protection from hunters. Here is a perfect example of an animal rights group implicating the hunter as the problem. Human population growth and expansion has done more to harm the continued existence of animals then any group of hunters ever could if they wanted to. This is but one example of the continuing and gradual bit-by-bit erosion of our freedoms and liberties. These small incremental gains by the animal rights groups will one day add up to a complete ban on any kind of hunting. In and of itself , the prohibition of hunting just one given animal may not add up to much in the grand scheme of things but add this up with the next prohibition and the one after that and you will find yourself waking up one day to the complete prohibition of hunting of any kind!