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Welcome varmint hunters,

This page was created for you. It will help you get information about membership requirements and the location of the meeting place for The Riverside Varmint Callers.

Hi, I'm Jeff, President of the Riverside Varmint Callers. I'm pleased to see you are interested in varmint hunting, and that you are checking us out here on the website.

The Riverside Varmint Callers takes pride in the fact that we are a very family oriented group that presently consists of a number of men and women that thoroughly enjoy each other's company as well as the sport of varmint hunting.

The club generally schedules a predator hunt once a month for eight months of the year. These start in July with our New Member hunt and continue through February. The first part of this season is dedicated to coyote hunting. Along about October we can start hunting gray fox, badger and bobcat as their seasons open. Although coyote hunting is open year around in California, we maintain a self-imposed moratorium from March through June. This is the typical coyote denning season so we let them be during this time.

We don't rest on our laurels during the moratorium, we schedule a number of campouts combined with competitive events such as a bench rest shoot, a night target shoot, and a pistol shoot. We also venture out for one or more ground squirrel hunts, usually held in April/May. On our New Member hunt we require all teams to take along a new member if one is available. This has a twofold purpose. First we get to know the person better, as well as getting to know us. Second, it gives us an opportunity to observe his or her hunting skills, provide guidance and training.

 The full membership annual dues are $50. We also have an Associate membership available for the members' spouse or significant other that do not wish to hunt but would still like to be a member of the chapter.

 If you're interested in attending our meeting or getting further information, please contact us. Looking forward to hearing from you.


President: The Riverside Varmint Callers