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Help control your scent

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Hereís a little tip to help prevent a ruined hunt due your scent giving away you location and sending you quarry running for the next county and save yourself a few bucks in the process.  All you need is some activated carbon and some panty hose that can be bought for $10!

I am sure that by now youíve seen advertisements for clothing that advertises it is able to lock in your scent and prevent your scent from reaching the animals you are hunting.  The ingredient that is in these often-high dollar outfits is activated carbon.   This activated carbon is available through many pet stores that carry fish or fish supplies at a fraction of the cost of one of the scent control suits.  (If your local Wal-Mart has pets, they should have it.  If you prefer to shop online both Petco and Petsmart carry it.  Here is some at Petsmart)

The activated carbon absorbs your scent, so with a little fore thought and care you can help to control it and not spend a ton of money on the suits that do the same thing.  After washing your hunting clothes in detergent that is free of perfumes (check your favorite sporting goods stores) place your hunting clothes in a bag and toss in a one of the bundles youíre about to make!

Ok, here is what I did.  I bought a carton of activated carbon at Petco for $6 and stopped at K-Mart on my way by to pick up a $1.99 pair of thigh high panty hose.  Once I got home a cleared a place on the counter (this will be messy, you may want to do this outside to keep in the wifeís good graces!) and pulled a glass out of the cupboard.  I pushed the toe of the panty hose down into the glass and then pulled the open end of the panty hose over the glass much like putting a trash bag in a trash can. 
Glass used to hold open panty hose.     panty hose pulled over the glass ready to be filled.

(click thumbnails to enlarge)

After the panty hose was over the glass I poured activated carbon into the panty hose and glass, packing it with my finger until it was roughly the size of a tennis ball.  I then pulled the panty hose up out of the glass and gave it a good shake to make sure the carbon was all the way at the bottom of the panty hose.  Satisfied, I double knotted the panty hose right above the carbon and then cut it with scissors.  Now itís ready to toss a bag with your hunting gear!

Activated carbon has been placed inside the panty hose and is ready to be tied.     Finished!!  The panty hose has been tied off with the carbon inside.

(click thumbnails to enlarge)

Even though you just cut the panty hose, you can still use what is left to make more.  I double knotted the panty hose at the end I had just cut and then turned the hose inside out so that my new knot was now on the inside.  Simply repeat the process above and you have another pack.  ( I made 4 with one thigh high panty hose and have enough left over for another 2 or three!)

To help control your scent in the field make another that is filled with activated carbon that has been crushed into a fine powder.  (This process is VERY messy and would best be done outside.)  When shaken, this will release a fine powder of activated carbon that you can shake over your body and equipment.  To prevent it from making a huge mess in your pack keep it in a zip-lock bag while not in use.

By using a scent free soap in the shower, washing your hunting clothes with a scent free detergent and the use of this carbon bundle you can greatly decrease your chances of a ruined hunt due to being winded.  Good hunting!


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