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Wile E. Coyote

Tips on using the FoxPro - added 14 Dec

Help control your scent! - added 29 Oct

Download the CA Mail in Hunting Permit Form - added 27 Sep

Build your own monopod - added 26 Sep

Build your own remotely operated e-caller - added 11 Aug

We Don't need no steenking 2nd amendment.

Uncle John on Long Range Shooting

In Search of Southwestern Coyotes. By John Leslie

Choosing a Good Factory Varmint Rifle - (The accumulated mistakes of 50 years) by Uncle John

More From Uncle John
In years gone by and the .222 (by Uncle John)

Charlton Heston of the NRA speaks. A must read!!

A little Respect for Ol' Wile E. Coyote. Thoughts on a voluntary moratorium.

Build Your Own shooting Bench! Need a lightweight, portable shooting bench? Here's the plans on how to do it!

Calling Coyotes by John-Henry & Vic An excellent article on coyote calling that should be required reading!

Calling all varmints
How to call your first varmint, varmint calls, when to use a rifle, pistol, shotgun, tricks, techniques and more to get you started on that first varmint hunt or expand the knowledge of the pro.

Common Sense With Scent. A few thoughts on the use of scents.

How to build a remote controlled electronic call for $75. The Author describes how to build a remote controlled varmint call for about $75 with commonly available items.

Varmint rifle basics and setup. How to hit what you're aiming at.
Varmint rifle basics of caliber selection, bullet performance, scope selection, shooting techniques, sight adjustments and more will help you develop your shooting abilities and get your varmint rifle fine tuned for ultimate success in the field.

Calling Predators The Circe Way
Its results that count! Calling coyote, bobcat, fox and mountain lion the Circe way.

The History behind Varmint Calling.
From Vague Beginnings to Modern day Varmint & Predator Calling.

How To Call Them All The Way In
An interesting article on the use of decoys.

Frank's list of recommended reading.
Some of the recommendations, like P.O. Ackley's book, are difficult to find but a visit to your local gun show may occasionally turn up one of these treasures.

Varmint Hunting For The Novice
What is a varmint? Here's an almost complete list. Includes general varmint hunting info and tips.

Wanna-Be Coyote Hunter
Tips, tricks, bullets, calibers. Some things you should know for your varmint hunts.

Barrel vibrations & accuracy. Make your varmint rifle a one holer.
All rifles are subject to the laws of physics. Knowing and understanding a rifles behavior can help you achieve the maximum accuracy potential of your rifle.

The Coyote That Broke Wind
You never know what's going to happen next when you go coyote hunting!

A short hunt with Judd
A humorous short story about two guys on a varmint hunt.

Coyotes - Population, size, and weight

The Natural History of the Coyote
A short, humorous story.

Why the hunter became the first environmental activist.
No animal has ever become extinct because of sport hunters!

Animal activities and the moon phases
The moon phase and the amount of available night-time light has an affect on an animals level of activity. Understanding the conditions that affect the animal you hunt can help you in determining the most productive times for the hunt.

Contributions have been made by members of the California Varmint Callers and others. If you have a varmint hunting related article or story and would like to see it included here, please submit it for consideration to [email protected]

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