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A short History about Varmint Hunting in California

In past times there existed an organization in Southern California that brought together a fine collection of individual predator calling clubs as chapters under one organizational umbrella.  This organization, The California Varmint Callers Association (CVCA) traces its lineage back to 1959.  In the 1970ís the organization changed its name to California State Varmint Callers Association (CSVCA). Over time the number of chapters fluctuated and finally CSVCA broke up in 1999.  The individual clubs of CSVCA when it disbanded still exist in Southern California as independent organizations. This website references known active clubs located throughout California, most of them are former chapters of CVCA/CSVCA. If you are interested in joining and going on some exciting varmint hunts, email the club nearest to you for membership information.


The Riverside Varmint Callers

The RVC is shut down. Please contact PCOC

Generally, the membership from this club is made up of people living in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. Formerly a chapter of the CSVCA, they got their start when a small group split away from a now defunct SoCal Chapter. They have since grown to be one of the largest clubs in the area.  The club has organized predator hunts each month starting in July and ending in February with other activities the remaining months. These include ground squirrel hunts, rifle and pistol competitions combined with family camping.  The club is dedicated to legal and ethical taking of game and safe firearms handling at all times. The club is very conscious of family involvement in hunting and strives to advance the hunting heritage in America.  An easygoing and fun oriented pace best characterizes this club. All around a great bunch of guys and gals.


San Diego County Varmint Callers The San Diego County Varmint Callers (SDCVC) have been around since the 1970s and was formerly known as the National Predator Callers Association. The SDCVC is a Non-Profit service organization whose goal is the conservation of wildlife through the control of predators. We are an active organization that meets monthly for club meetings which consists of guest speakers and other club business. We do our Coyote and Predator Hunting during July to February. We are members of the National Rifle Association of America.

To learn more about the San Diego County Varmint Callers visit our club website. San Diego County Varmint Callers website



The High Desert Predator Callers

The High Desert Predator Callers

The High Desert Predator Callers membership devotes a lot of their spare time to the hunt. Their membership is composed of a mix of "old timers" and "greenhorns" so there is a lot of predator hunting experience within this club that goes back to the earliest beginnings of the CVC. Being a member of this club, I can testify first hand to hunting skills and knowledge developed over a lifetime. They live for the hunt and are an all-around great bunch of guys. If you want an exciting and wide ranging hunt you would be hard pressed to find a better group.

Click Here for our members page

Contact Kevin or Tom for membership info.

The Predators Callers of Orange County

The Predator Callers of Orange County

Predator Callers of Orange County is committed to the sport of hunting through ethical game management. We proudly support organizations that share our goals such as the NRA, SCI, CRPA, Water for Wildlife, Wounded Warriors and many more. The club is comprised of approximately 60 members, and we encourage spouses and family members to participate. We maintain a predator-hunting season of July through February and have 6 club hunts during that season with several club activities in the off-season. One of our hunts is always a campout to promote camaraderie. We have monthly meetings with guest speakers who give presentations related to hunting, shooting and 2nd Amendment issues. We also have a full mentoring program and instruction available to all our members with special emphasis on predator hunting. For more information please contact Rick Macy.

Contact Rick for membership info.

California State Varmint Callers Association

The California State Varmint Callers

Dedicated to the "Conservations of wildlife through the taking of predators by sportsmen." The CSVCA conducts monthly hunts during the months of July through February. During the denning season, we do not schedule any hunts. Instead, the club schedules alternate activities including multiple shooting and camping type activities. Many of our members are skilled predator hunters who are well versed in multiple methods of take from varying regions throughout the tri state area. Members in our club are a good group of guys and gals who are genuinely enthusiastic about sharing the outdoors with others. Learn about reloading, responsible firearms handling, desert safety, skull preservation, fur preparation and handling. Monthly meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month and annual membership dues are kept low at $30 a year.

Visit our website at


Longbeach Chapter The Covina Varmint Callers

The Long Beach and Covina Clubs

Unfortunately, the Long Beach and Covina Clubs are no longer a part of the California Varmint Callers. Some of their members were founding members of the CVC and have either retired or joined with other clubs.

Join the NRA We encourage all active and prospective members of the CVC to join with us in NRA membership. There is literally no other organization of its kind that does more to protect your hunting and shooting rights.



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